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Originally Posted by joeo View Post
Thanks all - sorry for the delay in responding. Price wise, M-Factory LSD is cheapest; bimmer world sells the wavetrac and clutch style (2 and 3) through diffsonline. Wavetrac is still a good bit less expensive than the clutch style and is basically maint free. While there is a lot of info on the Wavetrac, it's tough to say how well it will do on track.
I was torn between the Wavetrac and DiffsOnline's own clutch-type, and I ended up going with the clutch-type diff again. I had an MFactory 1.5-way that I installed in a pumpkin myself, but the pumpkin was destroyed and I thought having a professionally-built diff would be a good idea after blowing up my second diff in two weeks...

Wavetrac has an unlimited mile lifetime warranty, regardless of usage, which is amazing, and it is maintenance-free (other than regular 50k-mile oil changes), so it's a great option for street-driven cars that need to remain refined. The design of their diff with the clutch puck means that it's mostly immune to the issues other helical differentials have when you lift a drive wheel off the ground.

What drew me to the clutch-type diff was the consistent and predictable performance I loved, and a very mechanical, old-school feel to it. It was such a joy to drive and always brought a smile to my face.
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