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Originally Posted by daixloxbmw View Post
Well the fact that it is modded probably adds to the uniqueness but 1'ers in general are very rare, even more so than M3s. Most non-enthusiast folk have never even heard of or knows that the 1 exists. Even though 1'ers are more common than Ferraris on the road, most people have at least seen Ferraris in pictures or can easily identify one if they saw it on the road. 1'ers on the other hand can really confuse the shit out of someone if they don't know what it is since it looks like a shrunken 3'er with unusual proportions.
So true. I love that aspect of it. The styling of the 1 series is incredible. Definitely one of bmw's best cars over the years. When my stock suspension goes i am getting coilovers or an H&R setup on it and that will be the end all i think.