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Originally Posted by Ender_ View Post
Guys I don't know how to tell you this but they did clean the rotors and test everything before ordering new rotors and pads, says that on my first service receipt. I really don't think BMW wants to replace rotors if a cleaning would do it.

It was my fault I was on the track for over an hour with out a cool down, dumb and I learned my lesson, I'm a hard breaker swell.
At least it's getting replaced at their own cost. I will still stand by what I've said, as you have to rely on what the dealership has told you. Obviously, they are not intentionally lying to you, but no method of cleaning is as thorough and even(flat) as using a set of track biased brake pads or a brake lathe. No amount of conventional testing will determine whether a brake disc is definitely warped until it is completely free of uneven deposits - much like how you can't tell whether a glass surface is smooth when it's covered with dirt.

While you may think BMW doesn't want to replace discs unnecessarily, you have to also realise that they have to weigh up the cost of time spent trying to diagnose and rectify the problem VS the cost to simply replace. In this case, which sounds like BMW are giving you a new set under warranty, I would also gladly accept a new set regardless to the cause of the problem. However, if you are paying out of pocket, then unfortunately, you have made the costlier choice.