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Originally Posted by Bimmer-Bob View Post
Anyone have any trouble removing the trans filler plug? Mine is on there on tight! Is it reverse thread or something? I'm a little afraid to try too hard to break torque in either direction...and there's not enough clearance for my go-to cheater bar. Any tips?

IF its the first time removing the fill plug... yeah... it is TIGHT! Best thing is to use a new 8mm allen socket(or L-key) with a small cheater bar. It should break loose.

No its not left hand threads. Remember righty, tighty... sometime you can get disoriented when you are laying under the car.

Besure to remove the "fill" plug before draining your trans oil!!

I think the fill and drain plugs are a 8mm allen/socket/hex.

Looking on Amazon here is a nice set. But I am sure you could also pick up something at your local Harbor Freight or Sears or AutoZone.