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My 4 older cars (which by the way are way more fun to drive than my 2 newer cars) have been in hibernation for 6+ months, here in the snowy Northern Rockies. I did get a chance to briefly drive a couple of them in the big city on my last visit, and I'm going back there tomorrow for a few days of work.

I'm taking my 135is convertible in for service next week, so it's the car I'll be driving 150+ miles to town. Today I revived it from its long sleep, and put my M2 to sleep on the car lift. I won't miss the M2.

Wow, what a difference. I only drove the 135is for a few miles, but it's a car I'd way rather drive than my 2018 M2. Both are manuals, but that's where the similarities end.

I haven't driven my 1M yet this year, but it's the next car I'll drive. It started to stink inside last summer and I think there is an evaporator replacement in my near and expensive future, next month.

Nowhere to turn, these older cars are irreplaceable and there is nothing new out there even worth considering, no more ultimate driving machines, unfortunately, probably ever.
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