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These two guys had me crazy frustrated yesterday. Both small, no legs. The one had all the gear to look like he lifted an shit like knee sleeves and all that jazz. They were on the super squat piece of equipment facing outwards. Didn't see a proper rep the entire 5 sets they were doing (I was waiting to get on this piece that's why I know). Would only go half way down (120 degree angle rather than a 90). Guy who had the sleeves just kept stacking on the 45s, had 5 each side eventually at which point he had to put the sleeves on....... Which for the super squat is impressive weight *WITH PROPER FORM!!!*. And I could tell the guy with the sleeves was bragging to the smaller of the two small guys about the weight, telling him "you'll get there just have to train hard" meanwhile this fuck bag doesn't even know what training hard means. I'm getting frustrated just thinking about it again.

*end rant*