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thanks guys.

so i'm getting more clarification on this. it's linked buildable units which are allotted to dealers. these can be traded like cars so a dealership who isn't allotted enough units can trade with dealers who have them.

so it's not that big of a deal unless your dealer has nothing to trade to the other dealer. good thing is the buildable unit, as a unit, is on paper, so ideally they could trade unit for unit both on paper and never have to transport a car.

now price. i won't steer us off topic but i just wanted to say the quote with my broker's number attached is 1k under MSRP. i have a trade to my broker for which i get a premium AND have the tax benefit to offset the BMW tax liability so i think that is a fair price. i'm still going to get another quote though.

anyway, i know that's off topic. thanks for your insights everyone!