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Nobody "destroyed" Riss Racing. They're doing better than ever.

Quite simply, they grew in popularity faster than they could grow in capacity.

They are the first to admit that they were completely unable to handle the retail side of things (Calls, customer service, tech support, shipping, billing, etc) AND handle the manufacturing / R&D side of things. Unfortunately, this meant that sometimes, customer service fell to the wayside, despite the fact that they were working 16 hour days.

We've stepped in, and will now do what we do best - make sure that EVERY customer who purchases RISS racing products will be satisfied and given the fine level of service they deserve. Furthermore, this leaves Riss with the time to develop, improve, and produce their product line!

We welcome you all to call us toll free, PM us, email us, IM us, or come in to our store and talk Riss Racing. We are in the business of retail, and that's our top priority.

Furthermore, we will be working with Riss to help them streamline inventory. We'll be keeping their products on OUR shelves, and shipping them from here once the transition is complete. This should make things a lot faster.