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Exclamation Log for acknowledged/known 1M issues

This thread serves the purpose of logging acknowledged/known 1M issues. Neither innuendo nor speculation, but clinic description of supposedly "common" issues addressed by BMW under warranty (free of charge).

Further to a sound suggestion, the log also includes normal phenomena which (wrongly) might be perceived as an issue.

For some consistency, let us agree that, to make it to the list, at least three similar events must have been reported. Hence, feel free to suggest and correct.

This post will be updated whenever additional issues and corrections are reported.
  • issue #11: heavy steering in low revs (especially after a hard drive)
    cause: power steering pump failure (metal shavings ["swarf"] inside the power steering pump)
    action: replacement of the power steering pump or even more steering parts if need be (a forum fellow reported that the phenomenon occurred to his 1M after a dyno - it was remedied by simply switching off the car for a few minutes)
    part #: (power steering pump)

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