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Suspension upgrade questions

Hi all, I'm looking to possibly upgrade my suspension on my 135i and I have some questions.

First, what I currently have: 2008 135i with 111k miles, stock sport suspension except an H&R front sway bar, and solid rear subframe bushings. Those were done about 4 years ago at ~72k miles.

For wheels I am running Apex EC-7's
F: 18x8.5 ET45 Profile 1 - 235/40/18
R: 18x9.5 ET58 Profile 1 - 255/35/18

On my stock suspension I get a little rubbing on the fronts. I have also been told by Apex that I should be able to go to 265 in the rear without rubbing and would like to do that soon. I would love to stop the rubbing in the front.

On to my questions,
I feel like after 111k miles things could use a little refresh. I am looking to spend around $1000-1500 on shocks/struts or coilovers. This is my daily driver and while I have tracked it in the past I would use it more for commuting and spirited driving on the weekends. I don't know much about suspension, and am not exactly sure what I would prefer it to feel like. Are there things I can pay attention too to determine what would set different setups apart? Looking around and reading descriptions of various kits doesn't mean much to me and that makes it difficult to choose one.

Secondly if I were to go with something like the Bilstein B14s (ex:, does that come with everything I would need to provide my local shop to do the install? Or would I need to buy other parts to make it work?

Lastly, I am open to suggestions on what to buy, I have been searching the forums and everyone seems to have their own preferences, it isn't something where a is faster than b making it easy to pick between them. So if you want to chime in on what you think would fit my setup best that is great too!

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