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Brake pad & tire suggestions for the track

Hi all,

I've been taking my 135i (N55) to the track lately.

I have about 7 full track days and put myself at lower intermediate but heading to solid intermediate.

Current car has upgrades from stock:
BMW Performance Suspension
M3 rear subframe bushings
M3 control arms
Castrol SRF brake fluid

It's not my daily driver anymore and brake pad and tires are worn and looking for suggestions.

Track pads: I see PFC 08 pads were popular. I'm thinking of getting these. Car will be 85% track driving 15% street. Good choice or should I look for other options?

Are the titanium shims really worth the upgrade or should I just skip for now?

Rotors: Should I go with cheaper Zimmerman OEM rotors or Genuine BMW rotors - or something else?

Tires: Currently have Michelin PSS, they are shot from track driving (bad shoulder wear) and thinking of going to Hankook RS4 next - with the main appeal being I hear they have good wear and would last.

I don't have camber plates yet and running -1.5 front camber.

Any suggestions given my skill level would be great. Thanks!