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LOL please show me ANY country that's predominantly full electric vehicles. IC engines are not a relic of the past. They are still very much the present and foreseeable future. Goofy ass statements. I don't care what your non cited "source" at BMW corporate said. From two weeks ago "The company reports a 52.3% sales drop, which makes the EV sales number so small that it even didn't even appear in the press release. Assuming 1,973 sales in April 2018, then this April sales shrunk to 941. So, the share out of BMW's overall volume of sales decreased to 3.6%."


I think you're missing the point. He's not saying ICE are dead, just that BMW may not design another new one. Several Ford and Chevy engines have been around in various forms for decades. BMWs ICE may be updated for years to come, but he's saying there won't be any entirely new designs. If BMW is planning an all electric lineup in 10 years, why spend all the money developing a new engine? Just keep tweaking the same ones until that day comes.
I'm not missing the point at all. There has never been any official statement to substantiate his claim. BMW is still developing new IC engines currently. The S58 just proved that. They're putting money into new manufacturing processes that can only be used in ICE. Maybe I'm wrong but the numbers and current development don't say that. Why would anyone take an unofficial claim like that to heart? BMW EV sales are miniscule and dropping. Use your noggin