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The model was made available to order thru BMW dealers in mid June. But the production has been delayed. I have one on order - but my dealer doesn't know when it will come. Just that it has been ordered.

I think the cost of the 1:43 scale 1M model in VO is: 59 euros. Same price as the 135i model of that size. I'll let you guys know when I have mine!

Here is my original thread on toy models cars...

Toy models of our cars... 1:43, 1:87 and 1:18...

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UPDATE - July, 2015

Ok guys... I just talked to Max and he tells me the 1M 1:18 models are in!!!

Here is the deal, I have decided NOT to handle the sale and delivery of these models. I realized that handling 300+ models is just too much for me to handle in my spare time. Sorry.

Instead, I ask you to contact Max@Minichamps - directly.

1M street versions VO, AW, BSM, Atacama Yellow, Monte Carlo Blue and Mamba Green: USD $179
1M Safety Car Moto GP: USD $189

Shipping is USD $18 each,

Please note that the street cars are in the actual US trim specs, AND of course the quantities is limited!!! First come first served. SO contact MAX for your orders. He will fill them and ship the models out thru Minichamps, Germany.

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