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Originally Posted by gregthegr8 View Post
Hey EatMyDust,

A couple of us just had ours completed on 3/14 headed to the west coast, so we'll probably be on the boat with you, although yours may sneak on that 3/18 boat perhaps. Keep us updated!
Will do although my info is a little spotty sine I ended up using a broker to place the order. Took a while to get a production no. And still don't have a VIN because I've got to get him to get the info from someone else.

But after reading your tales of woe above I can't complain too much and am glad I went he broker route. Price was about the same I could have got on my own but he was able to call around and secure me a production slot starting within a few days of my order. Biggest bummer was that just after I pulled he trigger we found out they had just discontinued terra cotta leather, and i had to switch colors quickly (from Alpine/Terracotta to Space Gray/Oyster) to avoid losing the slot and ever since I've been questioning if I made the right choice.