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Originally Posted by gregthegr8 View Post
Hey EatMyDust,

A couple of us just had ours completed on 3/14 headed to the west coast, so we'll probably be on the boat with you, although yours may sneak on that 3/18 boat perhaps. Keep us updated!
Mine's also in that batch, but mine's headed to the east coast for Performance Center delivery. I'm not sure how to tell which ship mine will be on ahead of time-- Asian King leaves Bremerhaven on the 20th to arrive in Brunswick on the 9th of April; Honor departs Bremerhaven on the 21st to arrive on the 10th, and depending on how long she takes to get trucked to Bremerhaven, it could be Mignon on the 27th.

Given that my expected delivery day is 9 May, any of them should get there in plenty of time... unless too many Customs agents in Brunswick get furloughed...