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Originally Posted by Dynamic1 View Post
My 08 135i is at 92k miles and the rotors and pads were done (although the sensor still hadn't gone off)... so I took a look at my calipers and everything was in order. I'm all about some spirited driving (3 years in Germany to boot), and I'm surprised the original pads and rotors lasted this long. Sorry I didn't get more/better pics.
Spirited driving and track driving are quite different. Unless you're threshold braking corner after corner on the street, the heat generated is going to be a lot less.

The calipers on my car are about 30,000kms old and at least 60% of the dust boots are completely shot. The pistons themselves look in fine condition though. I'm using upgraded pads, ECS 2-piece rotors, Ti shims and no dust shields. In those 30,000kms over 3 years I've done maybe 10 or so circuit days.