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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
The 1M also has this same "down rated" manual trans(as do all N55 135i's)... even though the 1M puts out 500Nm. I think either BMW figues not too many trans will fail under warranty or they know that its ok.
One of the things I noticed on realoem is that the bell housing appears to be integrated with the transmission case on the GS6-45. But ZF evidently has no issue with it taking more torque if the 1M uses it.

But I keep remembering a friend who had a '69 Mustang with an asthmatic 351 Windsor motor and he replaced that with a 429 - but didn't upgrade the remainder of the drivetrain. It'd run like 'stink' for a day or two and then he'd have to repair something. ; -)

Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
BMW did say that one of the reasons for going with the N55 engine was it was cheaper to produce - besides being more economical on fuel than a N54.
Just the cost of the fuel injectors alone - I had someone from BMW NA explain that solenoid direct injectors were three times the cost of the port injectors and the piezo direct injectors were three times the cost of the solenoid direct injectors. IIRC the N54 used piezo injectors and the N55 uses an updated solenoid injector.

If anyone is having trouble going to sleep, read this:

And Continental has this info on direct injection:

Oh man, then there's this from Bosch:

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