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First, let me assure you that your English is a lot better than my German.
I did understand your reference to Ron Dennis, and I actually agree with it. It was your use of the word "nothing" (nichts) in that context that got my attention, but I understand the translation issue. No harm done. That Lewis has managed to land in the right place at the right time has clearly been a factor in his success, just as the reverse has been true for Fernando. Poor old Fernando.
Roger Penske's dismissal of "luck" in favor of "preparation" is refuted in the long history of motorsports. Lewis has indeed been very lucky in his career choices while others have been less so, reference Fernando yet again.
Having said all that, I admit that at the time I was sure Lewis had lost his mind leaving McClaren for Benz. I expect I wasn't alone in that view. As it turned out, Lewis knew exactly what he was doing. I think Lewis always knows what he's doing.
I apologize that my previous response was a bit harsh, I should have realized there was a translation issue happening.