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Originally Posted by MKSixer View Post
Lewis earned his way into every seat he's been in through relentless performance. There are no slapdicks in top seats in F1...even the pay drivers. Lewis is head and shoulders above every driver in the field, save Max. He has only lost to teammates 2x in his career with the first, Button down to massive personal upheavals and the second, Rosberg due to mechanical reliability problems. His qualifying, race pace, race craft, and braking prowess is unmatched. He uses less fuel, manages tires better and can drive in changeable conditions better than any other driver presently on the grid....yes, even Alonso. I've been watching F1 for 40 years and watched Lewis's career since he was 16...he will go down as the GOAT when all the dust settles.

The fact that people say it goes down to a single factor such as Ron Dennis support or lucking into seats is total crap. Does anyone think Ron Dennis, who is a man with little or no sense of humor, or Ross Brawn, a brilliant racing manager and businessman would take a driver with no talent and prop him up? It's utterly ridiculous and smacks of ulterior motives in judging his talent and accomplishments.

Very well said. Also have been watching F1 for over 25years and will never forgot watching Schumacher live in Montreal. Lewis is very much a natural. He just makes it look like F1 racing is a walk in the park. It really is unbelievable. Sometimes I actually wanted him to loose in order to see a more competitive race.. but the numbers really don’t lie. His worst day are some others drivers best days on the track.