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Originally Posted by The Wind Breezes View Post
If autocross is eye-opening I have to ask, did you never do driver's ed or mess around in parking lots before? You have to ask yourself: am I into motorsport or am I just messing around?

If you're really into motorsport and a beginner your money is better spent on a driving simulator that you can practice on as much as you want, and then go to parking lots or controlled areas and apply in real life.

For experience on an ACTUAL track including the possibility to RACE other people for relatively low cost, you should check out karting or motorcycles either dirt or tarmac. Those motorsports are extremely accessible and even if you just go to open practice, it is infinitely better than doing a time trial by yourself through a parking lot.
That's what I signed up for, HPDE1 which is basically learning all these things. Sure, I could have gone on a car control clinic for a half a day, but I figured, I can't learn THAT fast. I do want to be in some sort of motorsport, not necessarily dreaming of being a Daniel Ricciardo or anything like that, but just having fun driving cars and maybe getting some friendly competition along with it.

Thought of driving sims like Assetto Corsa, but even this can get expensive with equipment and all that. With that money, I'd rather do the real thing.

For me, it's just a matter of starting. Like I do with my kid, I'll try it out, see if I'll love it and be great at it. If it ends up being too expensive or time consuming, then I'll throw in the towel. But for now, the interest is there so I might as well get into it while I can.