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Is it really that expensive?

So leading up to my DE days on August, I've been watching a lot of YT videos of people driving tracks that I will be on. Got me wondering, if DE days cost $$$ (I'm talking a whole weekend here of HPDE1), to get to the point where you're driving on your own (SOLO or HPDE2,3,4?), you will HAVE TO SPEND A LOT, am I right?

How many HPDE1s are you required to do until you get to drive solo? Depends on the driver I'm guessing? Will someone be HPDE2 right away after a few weekends of HPDE1? And so forth?

I guess it gets cheaper when you don't have an instructor anymore or am I kidding myself?

This might be the biggest turn off for some if you pay that much to participate, plus add the cost of safety and wear items (helmet, brake pads, sticky tires) and mods as you get better (LSD, seats, lightweight wheels, brakes?). You're looking at a good chunk of cash per season.