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Originally Posted by ajsmithvmi View Post
NASA GL requires 5 events in HPDE 3 before they will even consider checking you off for HPDE4/ TT/Comp School.

it's taken me 2 years worth of track days to get to HPDE3. I'll probably be in HPDE3 until next session. so I think 3 years of moderate track time before I'll get to TT/Wheel to wheel.

assuming I only run with NASA GL, all my weekends cost $600, and I do 6 a year, and it takes 3 years, that's about $10,000 to get to the point of competitive driving.

this will differ by organization, events per year you have time for, innate skill and how much off track "homework" you're willing to put in.
Iím participating in a NASA event and the weekends do cost that. But wow, thatís enlightening. Cost will probably be the biggest hindrance aside from wear items. How long did it take you to go from HPDE1 to HPDE2? My plan is to do two weekends this year so four DE days. The $ will add up quick just for those two weekends. Not for the faint of heart and wallet! I havenít checked with SCCA or SCDA but Iím assuming theyíre about the same price-wise.