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Originally Posted by matt View Post
so you meassured the printed version and now your template is correct according to bmw install instructions?

because I want to badge my car tomorrow so I know if I have to take the long or short route

anyways...did you thing about diffrences when people print it out?
like a printer may zooms in or out?
you should add a reference to your pdf!
like two lines that have 10mm space (for people who use metric system like me)
and two lines that have 1 inch space (for u.s.)

like this: I I
Good idea! I added a scale to the template in the first post. As long as the file is printed from acrobat and page-scaling is set to none in the print dialog it should print out at the correct size.

The positioning of the badge should be correct according to the bmw install instructions. The distance between individual letters on the badge may be off by a 10th of a mm or so. They don't match up exactly to what bmw specifies but I don't want to adjust them without knowing the exact width of the individual letters. I'm not sure if it would be possible to line up the letters with that much precision anyway, so I'm not going to worry about it for now. If anybody has some calipers and can measure the exact width of the letters I can update the template.

I'm going to head over to my local dealer in an hour or so to see if the new template lines up, and I'll report back.

EDIT: The forum won't seem to let me attach the newest template pdf so I uploaded to my webserver instead:

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