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Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
i'm not expecting 180 at the wheels.. but 165 minimum, 170 hopefully, would be rather nice. less than 150 or even 160 would make me believe stock power figures are far below 195 flywheel.

these motors pull smoothly from 1000-1500 rpm, til it flattens out around 6000-7000, you can idle up a hill (700rpm, no accelerator) even. it's pretty good for traffic, just stick it in first and don't do anything lol

reading some other forums atm (****** etc.) blown 3 series's getting 340-380hp at the wheels depending on the mods with the ARMA supercharger kits
then other replies saying it's not a very good kit... some say amazing etc. i'm just waiting for the MMW one, if it does come out it just means they're taking their time, which is a very good thing. i mean, their headers look unbelievable.

if you could get an N54 for $7k... well i'll be all over that!
I'm waiting to see what's up with the MMW supercharger kit as well. If it's actually as good as Gavin claims, I'll be picking one up ASAP
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