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Originally Posted by mineo77 View Post
Running full catless set up. Just recently swapped out my AR Catted dp's for Macht Schnell catless. Instant power improvement, didnt expect to notice much difference but overall power is MUCH improved. The cats, even race cats, restrict a lot. sound overall wasnt changed too much, a little more volume but the biggest difference was the power.

I remember talking to you about this some time ago. Did you happen to do any dynos? How noticeable are the gains, have you been able to test them out by any chance? I'm considering dp's at some point but unsure to go catted or catless. If there are noticeable more gains for catless I'll go that route.

Originally Posted by mineo77 View Post
I am inpatient too! Just got off the phone with HPF...part is ready for fabrication but stupid delays in BOV stuff and E46 M3 delays since they are spending cash load on some other products. It cost roughly $11K to get the prototype to fabrication to build off of...but it is still happening so lets be patient together cause it is going to be SICK!
I understand but I just want a date or a time-frame. I feel like we've been left out of the loop for a while now. I have friends who tell me not to wait for HPF due to a history of failing to meet time requirements but they do assure me their quality is top notch. I'm patient but I don't want this to stretch out for months either especially when I'm expecting the parts to be released within a few days.

Do you have any more info regarding the BOV application? Do you know if HPF can weld on a specific BOV to their charge pipe, eg the HKS? I believe they're using the Synapse.

Do you know any more info about the intercooler piping? Is it wider in diameter? I'd probably consider getting the HPF fmic with the silicone coupler version connections if it works with the stock piping until the rest of the kit comes out.