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Originally Posted by zardoz View Post
Yes, until they come out with a 4.2 ltr. that will be better than the 4.0
My point is that the 1M will not be repeated.
No doubt a GT-4 is a great car, but it appears there will always be a next one that is better than the previous one.
Before they announced the NA GT4 I would've disagreed but yes, now that they will bring back the NA GT4, it should be a great car. I do however not subscribe to the notion that they always will come out with something better. That was true for many year until lately. It depends on what you mean by better. For example, the new GTI will only have a stupid digital dash. Not better for me, maybe for some. So much of the new changes are cars are not for driving, they are for comfort or gadgetry for gadgetry's sake. We are at the end of the car as a machine where driving experience is 99% of the joy. Driving is now 70% of the joy and all the other stuff is for comfort or to keep up with the rapid electronic age to stay relevant.

I was discussing music with my son yesterday after seeing the movie YESTERDAY about the Beatles. He grew up with every musician having choreographed boy band dancers, fireworks and light shows. He expects that and the concept of 4 young guys just sending on a stage with a drum set, guitar and a bass guitar seemed slow and quaint. So Is Britney better than the Beatles because of all the light shows, videos dancers, etc? To some, it's just about the music.

Anyway, I do think the new GT4 will be better being NA but sadly the rest of the car world is going into the digital age where the show or "experience" matters more than the music.