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Originally Posted by Errowen View Post
If you use the "Build your Own" website app, you can't select both the Premium and M Sport packages: both contain special steering wheels, so selecting one de-selects the other.
However, the 135i I am buying off the showroom floor has both packages installed (with the M Sport steering wheel). My problem is that, on the sales contract, both Premium and M Sport packages are listed at full separate package cost. I asked the dealer for an adjustment on the Premium package cost because I am not getting the heated steering wheel which it includes. Dealer said those package costs are set by BMW and dealer cannot adjust them - i.e. the dealer invoice did not include an adjustment on the Premium package cost.
What do you think?
They don't have to adjust package pricing to adjust the price of your car. I wouldn't care where they take the $, but I would care about paying for something I'm not getting. This is why the "bundles" of packages and items are lucrative for BMW - either you pay for a bunch of crap you don't want, or you pay for something you never use. Or worse, in your case, you pay for something you don't get!