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Originally Posted by atv12 View Post
so thought i... but look at what people write...
my friend uses his 1m only on track and it eats very very little oil.. the same as the previous author wrote... but what is the reason?
maybe smth went wrong while break in period???

I think its partly bc once past the break in period "we" tend to drive the car hard. I think also once my engine got past 15K miles it used less oil. But I do notice IF I drive really fast/hard on the Autobahn... the engine will use some oil.

Its just one of those things about German engineering I guess. I know other car makes use little to no oil. But most German makes seem to use oil.

Btw... I think BMW says that any of their engines can use up to 1 liter of oil per 1,000 kms. When the engine starts to use more oil than that... THEN they will look into why the engine is using so much oil. Up to that limit, they(the German car makers) consider that normal engine oil consumption.

I always change my oil every 4K miles and rarely do I have to add oil between changes. I do not believe in BMW's long OCI's and lifetime fluids. I think it is wiser to change one's fluids often, especially for thos of us who plan on keeping our cars long term.