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Originally Posted by Freon View Post
The "leasing is awesome" was meant as a joke. What I cut out was all the crazy back and forth with F&I over lease terms. It's just bonkers.

Yes, you are one of the few who understands leasing and has his/her spreadsheets in order before going to the dealer. I completely agree, you did your homework too well, and compared to all the other schmucks the dealer may have realized they weren't going to get away with murder on your deal. My post wasn't meant as any sort of critique to your situation or comments, but more of commentary on leasing in general and a warning to others who are considering leasing.

I regularly recommend to family and friends to buy, but often several days later they come back and say "well I got a lease, my monthly payment is so low!" They don't realize what is really happening. Meanwhile, I sold my old car after 6 years of ownership and 5 years of paying, was able to put almost 50% down on my more expensive BMW, and still have a shorter 4-year loan and lower mopnthly payment, all while my friends are still leasing their Hondas indefinitely...
Sorry Freon. I should have read between the lines. I guess I'm not thinking clearly lately and I'm being oversensitive about this whole situation. I just don't understand why a company would make it so difficult for one of its prospective customers to buy something from it...I just want to drive a new shiny BMW after all...