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Originally Posted by fe1rx View Post
The single best reason to get the M Sport Package is the seats, which are brilliant on the track.

Don't be too hasty throwing all those mods on unless you have money to burn. Do things one at a time and assess the benefit vs your expectations. Best bang for the buck approach, pause and assess between steps:

1) install 225/40R18's all around on original wheels (big change)
2) rear subframe bushings (bigger change)
3) M3 front arms, stock alignment except for front camber (small change)
4) camber plates, stock alignment except for front camber (small change)
5) Apex wheels with 245s all around (expensive change just to be able to say you have 245s, unless you just really like the wheels)
6) New shocks (if you feel you really must) on the OE springs (no idea, but the FSD's may improve the daily drive harshness)
7) M3 front bar (there is really no way to know if you will really need this mod at all. Bars are for fine tuning so should be left to last. I know you will be tempted because it is just so easy to do, but bite the bullet and change the rear subframe bushings first. You will become one of the converted.)

Given your stated usage, I suspect that you will get what you need by step 2, but you may not get what you want until step 7! Sticking with a staggered tire setup will lead you on a never ending quest if you really are looking for neutral handling.
I like the approach of taking it easy. My last car was an LGT and I jumped in head first and blew through 6 grand in engine and transmission mods. But that was another car and another topic. Why do you suggest running 225's all the way around? Is that to reduce understeer while running the widest possible tires all around (limited by front)?