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Originally Posted by scott135i View Post
FMIC is more important than midpipe and axleback section combined.

FMIC + Catless DPs > Catless DPs + Catless Midpipes + Axleback/Muffler.

Anyone beg to differ?

Yeah right lol. FMIC really helps out quite a bit especially when running higher boost. My stock FMIC was getting heatsoaked in no time with just a JB4 and catless downpipes. I had no choice but to upgrade it and it made all the difference in daily drivability.

I still stand that I will just wait until I see some trap speeds. I don't even care about ET as that is all driver, but trap speed at the end of the 1/4 is a good indicator of how much power the car is putting down and its consistent (although it may differ 1-2mph depending on the 60ft).