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Originally Posted by ///M1 View Post
The wireless controller on the Akra application as far as the 1//M goes, operates just the valves on the end cans. You can certainly opt to not purchase it, it won't affect the vehicle in any way, you will just always be in 'silent' mode.

What many have done is dremel/cut out the blocking plate, so in this case you are always in 'loud' mode. The wireless kit installs valves that give you the flexibility to have either of the two modes as you wish. I think it is priced pretty reasonably especially on a relative basis to what the exhaust cost, so I opted for it. You can always retrofit it later if you choose.
The wireless kit is certainly reasonably priced, but since I knew I would drive it with the valves open all the time anyway, I took out the blocking plates and left it just like that... love it! It is still not insanely loud at a constant speed and gives great puffs and burbles when you want it too!
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