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Quaife ATB LSD Group Buy!!!

If anyone is interested in buying Quaife ATB Limited Slip Differential for your BMW 1 Series for a very special price please take a look here

You can also send me a Personal Mail for Group Buy Price

This can be fitted price (UK only) or supply only (free of UK tax outside EU)

Taken from Birds website -

"Perhaps the innovative design of the Quaife ATB differential is what has attracted so many BMW enthusiasts around the world. Unlike regular limited-slip diffs that use wearing clutches (eg. the ones used in BMW M power cars), the Quaife is gear operated and will never wear out. The design enables a smooth, progressive transfer of torque between the rear wheels with no fuss, and applies power to the tarmac with maximum effect. The result is a transformation of performance. In 20 years of tuning BMWs this has to be the most effective tuning element we've ever had to offer, which is why it is the first enhancement we advise to all BMW owners looking to increase performance. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

In a recent survey to BMW customers who have bought a Quaife differential, we asked what their main reason was for the purchase. To enhance performance was at number 1, which is understandable. But at number 2, the reason was to eradicate that irritating, flashing yellow light. Dynamic traction control (DTC) or 'electronic braking' has limited the new BMWs to quite an extent, which most of you will know. When you put a Quaife limited-slip diff in the car, it almost removes that light completely whilst working in perfect harmony with the BMW's electronic systems. We guess that BMW had prepared them for a limited-slip diff option, but decided to have them as a unique element in the M power BMWs. The Quaife is the ultimate solution, no question.

A single tuning element that increases acceleration, cornering speeds, traction, steering and handling to such a degree that customers say it 'completely transforms the car'. This is why we rate it so highly and have invested so much time and money into our Quaife BMW worldwide project. The majority of people are too interested in getting maximum power gains from their engine, not knowing that the BMW's electronics will restrict them. We can offer combinations of a Quaife LSD and engine re-map/anti-rollbars/suspension kits and more, dependant on your preference and what we would advise for your specific BMW. Our experience and expertise have enabled us to create some M Power-matching BMWs over the years, and now we have a new trick up our sleeve in the Quaife limited-slip diff... "
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