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Originally Posted by simianspeedster View Post
Why Premium/Sunroof? I would have dropped this package but for one simple need: lumbar support.
I completely understand where you're coming from here. And it's not just BMW that won't do an adjustable lumbar support as standard: My wife wound up having to get the top of the line in her Rav4 to get the adjustable lumbar support, so there, too, she had to get a bunch of stuff she didn't really care about to avoid back pain. I don't tend to need it myself (though the 5 hours I spent in the Miata yesterday and a twinge in my back today says this may be changing), I would've been in exactly the same boat. After a few test drives each way, I ordered the 135i, rendering the point moot, but I was seriously considering a 128i for many of the same reasons you did-- after all, it's the last of the old-school BMWs.

It's interesting to see your thought process, since it in a lot of ways mirrored my own. There were differences-- I was getting a sunroof either way, as that's my #1 complaint with the Mustang GT I'm daily-driving now, for example. But in most ways, I'm right there with you on your thought processes.