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Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
yes my N52.. if you're in 1st or 2nd in traffic and let the revs drop, it will... how to describe.. 'jerk' a bit below 2000 just once. it happens on any high-compression motor in my experience though, regardless of cylinder configuration. - besides, there's no proof of headers giving a 20hp gain? i mean, logically they will, but there's no proof still

Sounds like you didn't disable the CDV.

For the header gains, here you go:

Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
what else is idrive? a small module, a screen, some wires and harnesses :/ 40lb is more than most massive radio transmitters will weigh lol
It all adds up. Had it all together from a stripped out car the other day and it was a little over 40lbs. Don't forget the computer brain.

Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
no? :/... something like the older M3's... high 3xxhp N/A i6 screamer with basic mods and a tune, that would be ideal if you could get it in a modern BMW.. but no, best you can get is 265-270hp... i mean, i AM going pretty ridiculous 600-800 on the N54, but that's by the by. *because i can*/.. not sure why you'd think it wouldn't be enjoyable though
We'll see where I am at in the end, but I have no doubt it will be higher than 265hp.

600-800hp in a 1 series will be a completely ruined car.
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