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Originally Posted by TheSt|G View Post
Sounds like you didn't disable the CDV.

For the header gains, here you go:

It all adds up. Had it all together from a stripped out car the other day and it was a little over 40lbs. Don't forget the computer brain.

We'll see where I am at in the end, but I have no doubt it will be higher than 265hp.

600-800hp in a 1 series will be a completely ruined car.
CDV = clutch delay valve, has no impact when the clutch is in.. and i have mine totally removed anyway.

with the dyno there.. since it's measuring flywheel power, is it hooked up to an engine brake? as in, the engine is not in the car?.. it doesn't make sense anyway.. blue line is 220hp then red is 280?? i don't know of any N52's that are 220bhp?.. and if it's NOT measured on an engine brake it cannot be accurate :/

that's... that's amazingly heavy, sounds like pretty poor design from BMW! :O

there are already 135i's with high 5xx low 6xx hp and none appear ruined .. i've been in high 4xx and they're great.. have to remember it's still a 3300lb car full weight, there are plenty even lighter with more power