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Originally Posted by simianspeedster View Post
Thanks, man. I'm excited to join the club. My current and previous car had no mods, so I felt as if I was standing on the sidelines, but with this car I'm getting into the game.

I thought about going with 17s, but I admittedly decided to go with 18s as a nod to aesthetics. That said, the 18" wheels and tires I'm adding will weigh 6.75 lbs. less at each corner than the stock 17x7" wheels with lousy 205/50-17 RFTs, so it's all upside.

Given my goals for this car, I doubt I'll make any engine mods, but I'm still gathering info out of curiosity.
My 17"s save 10.1 lbs per corner of unstrung weight.
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