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Originally Posted by simianspeedster View Post
I think the Apex Aero-7s are a good all around compromise. Though not the absolute lightest option, they're fairly light (19 lbs. each for 18x8"), very fairly priced ($299/wheel for 18x8"), and I have no reason to doubt their strength. AFAIK, there are no horror stories about Apex wheels from other members -- in fact they seem to have a reputation for strength from what I can tell reading other threads -- and I imagine many locations have far worse roads than I face in SoCal.

Oh, and I think they look the business.
APEX wheels are certainly strong for what they are and they have amazing customer service/support, but they are cast instead of forged(8000 ton forged in the case of BBS) and their strength is limited comparatively.

They are a hugely better choice than pretty much anything else at the price point for sure.
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