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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
Is your car manual or automatic?

I think changing a manual trans fluid every 30K is a good idea.

Btw... about BMW's lifetime fluids... BWM says lifetime... but like for the Automatic... the people who make it (ZF) for BMW... say to change the A/T trans fluid every 45K miles! So much for lifetime fluids!

I've changed my manual trans and diff fluids. Twice actually! I plan on doing it again soon. Fresh oil is the best oil! I was shocked at how dirty the old fluid was.

For my manual trans I am running Redline's D4-ATF... at first I used BMW's fluid... but the trans was still rough/hard to shift cold. Once I switched to D4-ATF, the trans shifts like butter now. You will need something to suck out the old diff fluid - since BMW did not give us a drain plug on the diff. There is only a "fill hole" go figure!

See my pics at post #70...

DIY: manual transmission and diff fluid change

I have not seen anyone post a "changing coolant DIY". I would love to see one! Everyone says change it every two years... but I suspect no one has change it yet. And we are going on four years now. I know the longer the coolant is inside of your motor... the higher the acidity level gets - and it starts to eat your engine from the inside out. This is how head gaskets fail. You can test the Ph level of your coolant with test strips or a light spectrum-graph/tool.

Brake fluid should be changed every two years in the states. BMW says every year over here in DE.

I've never owned a car where I have changed the PS steering fluid. IF I were to change it... I would buy a NEW PS res - bc the filter is built into its base. You bleed the system by turning the steering wheel(when the car is running) from LOCK to LOCK. Try not to let the res run dry. Again you will need some kind of tool to suck out the old PS fluid.

Left to Right... my old manual trans fluid (only ~18K kms!! old!), fresh manual trans oil (BMW MTF-LT-4), and new Redline D4-ATF
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Mine got changed when my turbos went out they didn't install the coolant housing properly and it leaked everywhere, so I had to limp it to the dealership.
Since my last oil change was done early this year, I will try to change out as many fluids as I can between December and January. Oil change, diff fluid change, any others? Is a PS fluid change necessary?
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