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Dont leave us hanging...
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Please do tell, I'm curious too since I am looking into the brand.
Alright. Ya'll ready? Here goes.....

1.) Lighting: The lights on the S5 are fantastic. The LED lights have a very nice wide beam pattern and with the low beam lights coded on with high beam, they light up the road and them some when the high beams are on. I do have two major gripes with the headlights. 1.) headlights is that they are not adaptive and do not turn with the steering wheel. 2.) The cornering lamps that turn are are barely noticeable or turn on really late. Audi's main competitors, BMW and Mercedes both offer this feature.. I live in an area where deer love to come put and play at night and I have very curvy roads. I would like to see what's around the bend before I get there. I don't know if it is just me but they cornering lamps are either really dim or just turn on really late. They help when I am turning into my driveway, but they are barely noticeable when I'm turning at an intersection.

2.The transmission on my S5 is very good. It's the ZF 8 speed. You will hear a lot of people complain about the infamous delay or lag which I do not have and have never had. What I do experience is the transmission holding on to gears too long and in turn the car starts to shake really badly and make a stalling sound. The car makes that sound that manual cars make when they're about to stall at times, especially when I'm trying to back into my garage. Audi needs to work on tuning the ZF 8 speed. I have now driven a multitude of cars with this transmission and none of them exhibit this behavior. Other than that, shifts are crisp and actually quick. I'm averaging 24.7 MPG with a mix of highway and city.

3. The interior of the S5 is all Audi. The cabin is made of great high quality materials and the leather is great. There are a few places where I think Audi could have stepped it up a little like the dash. Audi's two main competitors both offer a faux leather contrast stitched dash. Would really add some 'oomph' to the cabin. I have yet to sit in the G20 3 series so I cannot comment on how well it stacks up against that but what I can tell you that it wipes the floor with the F30 and it is not even a comparison. I don't hear a single rattle in the car a year and a half later. It is amazing.

4. The S5 offers a host of technology. I do think Audi is lagging behind just a little bit in terms of lighting technology and maybe a little in the infotainment area. The MMI never understands me and trying to use the Nav system is a process and entering in an address takes a little bit of time. I do love how simple it is to navigate and use though. Everything is pretty easy to find and logically placed. I do have an issue when I try to pair my iPhone XS Max though sometimes. It won't connect and I have to toggle Bluetooth on and off for it to connect. Another technological piece that I also want Auto Hold.

5. I think Audi needs to add is direct TPMS. In 2019, not knowing what my tire pressure is without having to measure all four individually is inexcusable. If BMW and Mercedes are able to do it, I'm pretty sure Audi has the means to do it as well. It's a minimal cost in the grand scheme of things.

6. Suspension / Drive

7. The suspension on the S5 is absolutely fantastic for a daily driver. Compared to the F30 and the Mercedes in terms of comfort, I don't think it is even fair. The S5 loves eating up the miles and does so without sacrificing the comfort of the passengers. Now, that comes with a a small price. Personally, I think the S5 needs to be a little stiffer especially in Dynamic. I also think the S5 has no right being the same ride height of a normal A5 coupe. The S5 is suppose to be the 'sportier' option. Lower it my 10mm or so to give the S5 that sportier feel. What I am going to complain about though is the fact that the engine is way too far ahead of the front axle and there is simply too much weight over the front wheels. The new diff coupled with the tie into the traction control system has significantly lowered understeer and keep the car neutral, but it is still there. The car really does err on the side of 'comfortable' but I think it might be slightly too comfortable and it actually takes away from from the sportier feel of the S5. I would honestly place the S5 right in-between a BMW 3 series and a Mercedes C Class. My personal preference would like the car to be just a tad more sporty in every mode, but especially Dynamic. The wheel also needs more weight in Dynamic. It is a bit too light for my tastes in that mode.

My biggest complaint is that there is no sense of emotion. You don't get any burbles or any drama. You get a 'fart' in between gear shifts and that's only if you're flogging it. Driving a sporty coupe should be an occasion. I want pops and bangs.

8. Audi is lagging behind its main competitors in terms of performance offerings from the factory. BMW and Mercedes both have comprehensive performance catalogues for their sportier cars like the M340i and the AMG C43. If Audi doesn't want its customers to go out and buy an aftermarket exhaust for instance, it should offer it. I just don't want to get flagged with a TD1. Audi's performance Catalogue is basically carbon rear diffusor and carbon mirror caps. That's it. That is the extent of it.

9. Understeer.....this thing LOVES to understeer. Even in a slow corner and this car understeers. It's REALLY annoying. 60% of the weight over the front axle doesn't to this car any favors.

10. Steering weight is horrible. The steering is too light. Feedback is alright but steering is too light. Again, sports coupe. I want a sportier feel to the wheel.

11. Connectivity - Sucks and it is worthless. The Audi Connect App is a joke.

12. The Voice recognition system is WORTHLESS.
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