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Bimmian is a little iffy. I like their install videos and guides, but their customer service kinda sucks. I've bought roundel overlays and the interior xenon kit from them.

One time they sent me a completely wrong sheet of overlays, it looked like the machine stamped them all in the wrong places with different sizes.

Another time a sheet of overlays had the overlays overly stiff. It's hard to explain but its like the glue dried and made the overlays stiff and they wouldn't stick on properly any more.

When i ordered the bulbs they ALMOST got it right, but they forgot the visor bulbs. I was so tired of it that I didn't even bother and just hope nobody really needs to turn on the visor bulbs because the halogen contrasts the rest of the really nice xenon look.

If you can get the same things at JLevi, I would do it. Every experience I've had with them has been great.

Bimmian isn't the worst I've dealt with *cough* Riss *cough* but their service quality could be better.

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