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Originally Posted by Fast kiwi View Post
first off, my reference to "dealer money" was infact CSI and alike, not everone on here knows all the terms etc etc.. and if you're talking about ED in particular.. the dealership gets even less "help" there is 0 incentive (but to help a customer out) to do a ED when its coming from allocation and they know they can sell it on the ground.

secondly.. ahh, you dont get mats.. (unless you buy a 5 series or other BMW that comes with mats std... which will not be the case in the 1er.. where are you getting this? are you one of the so called "salesmen who cant sell" or you just an ill informed customer?

yes, less the $500 is most likly right (if at all).. but i doubt they will ever get "whored" out by bad sales people as there are many skilled sales managers.. who know much better..

sorry for the flamming everone but c'mon..
if you know what your talking about, post it.. if not.. just read.

and i posted the allocation.. we as a med size dealership will see 15 cars total..
Not going to get into a pissing match but I actually do know what I am talking about......How long have you been selling BMW's? With regards to mats "ALL" euro's come with mats, talk to your person that does ED. If this changes on the 1 I'm not sure since I have not been involved with BMW since early this year.

As for the "terms" you would be quite surprised as to what clients know. To assume they dont will only make you look foolish. If in fact people dont know what the terms are then maybe being a Client Advisor you should educate them.........just a suggestion. Try looking at other boards and what info is provided.

Back to the scheduled program.............I want my 135.
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