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Originally Posted by champignon View Post
Of course, people have modified 135i/135is vehicles in a lot of different ways. the bottom line is that a 135is is basically a 135i with some minor changes, whereas the 1M is hugely different vehicle than a 135i of any type, speaking as someone who has owned both a 1M, a 135i coupe (traded in on my M2), and the 135is convertible, which I still own and have no intention to sell. I actually prefer my 135is convertible to the M2, partially for its old-type BMW feel, its hydraulic steering, and the fact that it is a vert, even though I live somewhere that a convertible is not a particular usable sort of a car for most of the year.

I didn't buy the 135is convertible because it was an "is." I bought it because it was 2 years old with only 5000 miles on it, was easily available from Carmax with a transfer, and was being sold at more than 40% off of MSRP with such light usage. The fact that it had a black exterior with a red leather interior was another attraction, to me. I have a soft spot for BMWs with red interiors, although prior to this purchase have never owned one.

Getting back on topic, I don't think that this particular iteration of the M2 that is coming deviates all that much from an M2C, other than in trivial and cosmetic ways. The fact that it was made at the factory rather than modified at the port, is pretty small potatoes when you consider the minimal real changes that a driver would experience on using it, vs. the garden variety M2C (which itself is of meager to no interest, to me).
My point was simply that, compared to the 135is upgrades, it seems there’s a little more to differentiate the M2 CS from the M2 C, since we’re talking lots of carbon fibre and the adaptive suspension. I guess we’ll see.