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Originally Posted by P1et View Post
I would get the Boxter. Such a good looking car.
I'm almost certain I will... IF I get approved on the financing. I'm putting $25K down, so I need to get approved for a loan of $39.9K on the Boxster, whereas I would only need $30K for the 135i, and just $22K for the JCW.

The Boxster is perfect for me in every way except one... horsepower. I only wish it had about 50 more horsepower. That's what the Boxster S has got (which is literally *the* perfect car for me), but I can't afford that right now (or more accurately... can't get approved for that right now because it would of been a loan for $54k and no one wants to give a $50k+ loan to anyone with no previous auto history on their credit).

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