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Originally Posted by The Wind Breezes View Post
Focus on not letting people know the car exists and maybe getting a good alarm for where it's stored.

If someone wants your car from out and about it's really easy to take on a towtruck all other methods aside. No alarm will help and GPS tracker is easily defeated.

If you have no place to store your car but outside on the street it will probably get stolen so just make sure that insurance is up and you don't keep anything too important in the car!

Just scan this board for all the posts about 1Ms being stolen, most of which I believe have occurred in Europe and the UK. Some even have video surveillance footage.

If you have to store this car outside, unless it is in a secured area, then you should sell it and use the money for something else. Certain places are much more prone to this sort of high value auto theft, and others are relatively spared.

This is a car that needs to be garaged somewhere that has a modicum of protection.
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