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Originally Posted by CarJunkie View Post
My 1M is a track/autocross tool. I don't care about it so called collector value. I bought it new, drive it the way it was intended to be driven, and have gotten my money's worth. Every time I get behind the wheel is a bonus.

A 1M sitting in a garage collecting "value", driven carefully to Cars 'n Coffee once a month....that's a waste!

In case you missed it, this is a closed course privately owned road that a group of us rented. No two-way traffic.
Well said. My wife and I run hillclimbs on the other side of the country in eastern PA. She bounced her 135i off a guardrail this past weekend. Stuff happens, and it is much better than having it sit in the garage! I give you a ton of credit for using the 1M for what it was designed for.

Sorry for the hijack but here is what one of our hills looks like, Pagoda Hillclimb in Reading, Pa. We run a longer version in August where it continues for a mile after the finish here.

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