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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
I use a rubber hockey puck in the "bowl" of my 2.5 ton floor jack. I lift from those plastic pads on the chassis. No damage so far.
Either a hockey puck (smart lol) on the jack or an adapter on plastic jack pads would work fine if you're just jacking up one of four plastic jack pads temporarily.

But how do you jack your car up for oil change? (something more than temporary and when you need to go under the car) like when you need to put jack stands on both side of the car.
(because when you use plastic jack pads to jack up the car, you can't put a jack stand there)

I think the best way is to jack up the jack point between the front wheels and put jack stands (preferably the ones that fit INSIDE the plastic jack pads) on two front plastic jack pads.
I've heard people say "Y" part of jack stand on edges of plastic jack pads are stable, but I want something a bit more stable, especially since the plastic jack pad could already be damaged