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Originally Posted by champignon View Post
For me the core question I'd pose after reading your post would be, "it's a noticeable improvement on what?"

It's been years since BMW manufactured a car that I'd lust for or salivate over.

I'm not trying to be difficult; I could salivate over a cheaper BMW hot hatch with around 300 HP, RWD, tolerable EPS, and the absence of all the electronic gimmickry that has gotten into the driver's face in the last few years.

But an M2? I own one, a 2018 LCI and although it is a competent car, I never look forward to driving it the way I do with my older cars. The best thing I can say is that it is relatively comfortable to be in on longer drives.

There is nothing you could do to an M2 that would make it worth anything close to $80K, at least not to me. I also own a 2018 Golf R, and both cars are 6MTs. I slightly prefer the M2 to the Golf R, if comfort is the deciding factor, but for utility, the R wins hands down. In a way, I find the R to be a more honest vehicle than the M2, and it certainly is more worth what it cost than is true for the BMW.

This is where we are now; a VW that's more of an "ultimate driving machine" than a much more expensive BMW.
Oh, I don't disagree. I'm not excited about any new BMWs or Porsches anymore...but it's a slippery slope. I have some friends who think all BMWs and Porsches made in the past 25 years are crap.