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Kind of a big deal

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If i’d set aside that performance wise both vehicles have more performance than i would ever fully appreciate.

I feel lucky, that i was buying my dream care in the E82 era. The base model made my head turn the few times i ever saw it befor 2010. But i was not in love with it. Then came the 1M blue balls reveal campaign. When they released the Paris teaser i was hooked. The arches, the rims, and later the overall look. I was ’head over heels’ so to speak.

So for me, although certain features make the M2cs a better daily driver (EDC), or a cooler car (seats) or better performing (but probably not on steering), i have not longed for it once. The base F82 design for me is an unpassioned uninspired design, and worse the M version has 2 dealbreaker esthetic flaws: synthetic arches and something hanging out its ass.

History of entry M cars appears to be pretty consistant:
E30 +
E36 -
E46 +
E92 ~
E82 +
F82 -

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