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Did mine this weekend.

The only thing I noticed, on my car atleast, was that the hole location was a bit less than 2" and a bit more than 1 5/8" from the corners shown on the OP. Also, once you get the initial bolt location setup, use ej4144's steps and bolt the outer plastic piece and use that to make your template. I covered the area to be cut in blue painters tape and then used a sharpie to mark around the outer piece. Worked perfectly.

And again, use ej4144's recommendation of removing the 2 plastic rivets on each side so that you can pull the carpet away from the body and get the inner piece installed without having to snap the 2 locating legs off.

I initially used an exacto knife to cut through the carpet, but it is pretty tough. I ended up using a small pneumatic jig saw that worked through it alot easier.

Thanks again to neilq for making this thread.

Here is a pic:
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